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Kimpex is located in Metro Chicagoland area in Illinois, USA.  And we have been dedicated to import & export quality products from trusted and reliable companies throughout the world since 1979.


Kimpex, an authorized distributor for several leading manufacturers in the U.S, is a specialty distributor of electrical and electronic products for the military and commercial maritime industry.


Kimpex has been servicing shipbuilders, the Navy, and defense contractors since 1979.  We maintain one of the broadest and most complete lines of electrical components and associated equipments in the industry.


Kimpex also distribute all kinds and shapes of quality mirrors such as convex mirrors, magnify (concave) mirrors and security mirrors for any application for customer's needs.  In addition, we can supply related hardware parts; stainless steel tubings, brackets, and other components.


It is our mission to bring the best products at the best price from various sources around the world to you.


If you have any questions or comments on our products please contact us at Kimpex.




Kimpex, Inc.   235 Anthony Trail. Northbrook, IL 60062  T: 847-412-4600   F: 847-412-4602